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Chuon Sarin is a rice farmer who lives in Preah Sihanouk Province, Cambodia, with her five daughters. Since becoming a widow, Chuon has had to work very hard as the sole income provider, to support herself and her large family.

In 2012, Chuon began attending trainings through Heifer Cambodia and the Improving Income and Nutrition through Community Empowerment (INCOME) project. After completing numerous workshops, Chuon had enough income to buy two pigs and increase the size and variety of her garden.

In nine months’ time, Chuon has created a successful business through chickens, pigs and gardening.

While showing us the pig pen at her home, Chuon said, “I am very happy. It’s the first time that I could earn a lot of money to support my family and my children’s studies. This year, I improved my house. I am not going to stop raising animals. Now, I have four pigs and more than 100 chickens. I will expand the pens so that I can raise more pigs and chickens with the loan I am going to get from the self help group savings. With these animals, my family’s life has changed."

Chuon is thankful to Heifer for their generous work in assisting her family and her community. She also suggests that they expand support to other communities to help more poor families.

Story by Sok Nom, Project Coordinator for Rural Children Saving Association
Translated by Dy Sitha, Program Officer, Heifer Cambodia

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