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By Lusine Hayrapetyan | DP Expert | Heifer Armenia
Translated by Emma Sargsyan | Media Coordinator | Heifer Armenia

It was very big day for the young members of the Dalarik YES! Youth Club. The children were very excited to meet their peers from neighboring communities of Lukashin and Mayisyan in Armenia, who were coming to Dalarik for a YES! Youth Club exchange visit.

After greeting the 28 visiting schoolchildren and their trainers, the Dalarik hosts accompanied them inside the school, where the day’s events would take place. The schoolchildren from the three communities presented the works they each have done through the youth clubs. Afterwards, the youth were divided into groups corresponding to their own direction (educational interest) for an open lesson. The classrooms were full of the hustle of real work, while the corridors were silent. The students were very excited, since it was not the trainers conducting the lesson that day, it was the youth club members.

Many club members noted that the club gave them not only knowledge and skills, but it also played a crucial role in helping to choose their future professions. Tigranuhi, who was in charge of conducting the lesson in journalism, said that after having attended the Journalism direction for several years, she made up her mind to become a journalist, and this year she entered the Journalism faculty at Armenian State University.

The same atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm was reigning in all other directions. The children (both the guests and the hosts) were actively discussing, debating and presenting their points of view regarding the lesson organized by their peers.

After the lesson, it was time for dessert and drinks. Children gathered around a traditional Armenian table of sweets, still discussing, sharing and advising each other on various issues regarding the club, the lessons and the community.

The meeting was a success, judging from the smiles on the faces of the youth as well as the mutual promises to organize another event like this very soon.


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