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Abu the Camel - Heifer Ranch
Abu the Camel - Heifer Ranch

Title: Dromedary Camel

Location: Arrived at Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Ark. last week as a 40th anniversary gift.

How long have you been with Heifer? Since 2005, when Abu was given to Heifer’s Overlook Farm in Rutland, Mass., from local volunteer Ann Tripp.

What has been the most memorable experience for you with Heifer? I love meeting the kids who come to the Learning Centers. I like to let kids pet me, and I’ll even give sloppy “kisses” if I’m feeling charming! My greatest memory is that Overlook Farm got several greeting cards over the years, addressed just to “Abu,” asking how I was doing.

I was sad to leave Overlook, but they gave me a great sendoff. I got a special good-bye party with a lei for my neck and a big card for folks to sign. The local newspaper sent a photographer out to capture my final day on the farm with my fans.

My hobbies include: Eating, meeting new people, and taking walks with Heifer volunteers and staff.

Something about me you might not know: I am seven years old, and I originally came from a petting zoo in Connecticut.

Best thing about working at Heifer Ranch? I am looking forward to teaching people about how camels provide milk and transportation in dry, remote parts of Africa. I am also looking forward to the warm weather in Arkansas! And I’ll be able to hang out with Gobi, the Ranch’s other camel. The Ranch last year lost a camel named Rajah, and so I’ll be able to keep Gobi company now.