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Story by Katia Melgarejo | Program Assistant | Heifer International

Ripple Effect Images, an organization of journalists that produce high-quality audiovisual materials, work to share the reality of women in the world. The organization focuses specifically on the ways women seek development, especially as they deal with climate change. Members of the organization visited Heifer Peru from October 22-29, 2012.

Ripple Effect visited Puno where they learned about the life experiences, work and struggles of female artisans. These women are participants of the Food Security Enhancement and Entrepreneurial Development (FEED) project, which is carried out by Heifer Peru in partnership with Red para el Desarrollo Social (Network for Social Development).

Violence against women, food insecurity, rural poverty and steps backward in the field of political participation are some problems that some communities close to Lake Titicaca have to face; however, female artisans work to overcome those conditions. In the coming months, Heifer Peru will receive Ripple Effect’s gift, a narrative film and photos that will showcase the entrepreneurship of the women.

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