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Help families around the world by giving a Heifer gift!

A little over a year ago, Heifer donors like you generously supported our partnership with Danone Ecosystem to begin the 2nd phase of the Milk Communities Project. Work is underway across the Ukraine- in rural communities like Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. Hardworking farmers, like Pavlo Riabko came to receive his heifer with his grandson, Maksym.

We received a cow absolutely for free! This is an unbelievable present.

Pavlo, Ukraine

"We already have three cows, but they are not of such a high quality. The whole village is so grateful for such a support!"

Purebred heifers also arrived in the village of Zhovtneve to be gifted to local communities. The ceremony took place near Zhovtneve Cooperative Milk Collection Center, which is already equipped and will soon begin operations.

The heifers were provided through the Milk Communities Project implemented by Heifer-Ukraine in partnership with Danone Ecosysteme Fund and Danone-Ukraine Company. Each heifer is an invaluable gift for the local families as rural people can rarely afford such a pricey purchase for their household.

More pedigreed heifers will be passed on to other families in the community that will create a larger herd of high quality animals and increase volumes of produced milk in the villages where the co-op is operating.

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"My sister and I are planning to create a family type mini-farm", says Natalia Poliakova, head of the local community club. "We will try to increase the number of animals on our farm each year to make a good profit. We won't be able to buy a car but having a mini-farm will help us change our lives for better, improve our nutrition, living conditions and even motivate our children to return in the village and continue what we started!"