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Heifer Armenia started its Peace to Our Homes Regional Cooperation Umbrella Project in Getap in 2002. Since then, the Heifer Armenia project participants have accomplished several subsequent Passing on the Gifts, thus increasing the number of families involved in Heifer projects in Armenia.

The Nazaryan family is one of ten families in this project which are going to pass on the first offspring of their cows. The Nazaryan family consists of 10 family members: Susanna, 47; her husband Gagic, 47; her sons Garik, 27, and Narek, 22; her daughter Sona, 25; and her six grandchildren.

It was Susanna Nazaryan's initiative to convince family members to join the project and participate in the meetings and trainings organized by Heifer Armenia.

"Happiness is never too much; one either has or doesn’t have it. For example, we participated in Heifer Armenia’s project and got perhaps the best cow in the village and we are happy for that. Our cow Nargiz (the Armenian word for the flower daffodil) gives about 14 liters of milk daily in high season. Thanks to God, it’s enough for all of us. The kids really like to drink a cup or two of fresh milk in the mornings. They also enjoy tasty curds and cheese that I prepare. That’s why they have healthy teeth and grow well.” Susanna said.

Heifer’s program is a very good one. Very devoted and caring people are engaged in it; that’s why we feel a very high sense of responsibility to pass on a very good animal. Susanna, Armenia

The children were playing while the adults were talking. I asked the children, “What is your favorite activity that you like to do together with granny Susanna?” The children started to respond to me by interrupting one another. One of them cried out, “To milk the cow!” Another added, “To prepare cheese.” The third said, “To cook dolma (minced meat, rice and spice wrapped in vine or cabbage leaves).” To my question, “What type of dolma does the granny cook well,” the children answered, “Anything that she cooks is very tasty, not only the dolma!” While the kids were praising their granny, Susanna was smiling and patting their heads...

The Nazaryans are a typical example of enjoying the happiness of a large and friendly family where lots of kids are growing and where respect and mutual understanding reigns!