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The road to Mevlude Bërbatovci's house, just outside of the village of Nakaradë-Fushë in Kosovo, was once a difficult and muddy path, but now it is stable with rocks and sand that Mevlude spread herself. This road describes Melvude—a hard working woman full of ambition and energy, ready to overcome any obstacle.

The obstacles have been many as Melvude has struggled to survive in war torn Kosovo. She lost four children shortly after child birth and her adopted son, Besnik, is now the joy of her life.

Until she became involved with Heifer International, Melvude was unable to afford her own animals. Now she has her own Heifer Holstein dairy cow that has already given birth to two calfs, the first of which Melvude passed on to another family last summer.

When Mvlude was asked how much her life had changed since she had received her cow from Heifer International, she said, "a hundred percent!" Her family now has more income and better nutrition than ever before. With this one animal they now have cheese, milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt on their table, adding much needed protein to their diet.

In addition to her Heifer, Melvude also received a greenhouse through Heifer. Last year Melvude cultivated peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers and sold hundreds of Euros worth of produce. She plans to grow even more this summer and also hopes to add two more cows to her budding dairy herd.

Mevlude's story is that of a woman working hard to improve the life of her family. With the help of one animal and a greenhouse, her hard work is paying off toward a better future.

Melvude Berbatovci