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Flooding and mudslides wiped out homes, animal shelters and livestock for 121 Heifer-supported families in eastern Uganda this week. None of our project participants were hurt, but 45 Heifer animals have died so far.

The flooding took place about 25 miles from Mbale, along the banks of the Manafwa River. Recent heavy rains caused the river to spill out on to surrounding villages and farmland. Project participants reported losing entire fields of rice, corn, beans, sweet potatoes, coffee and cotton that would have been harvested in October.

The Heifer projects affected include a dairy goat project, dairy cattle projects and projects aimed at helping the disabled and people suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Collins Amenyi, an extension worker affiliated with a Heifer-funded farmers' group in the area, said the damage is severe. "It is terrible. People have no food, have no homes, have no toilets, and no one is helping them," Amenyi told Dan Bazira, communication coordinator for Heifer Uganda. Getting aid to victims is difficult because so many roads are flooded, he said.

Heifer staff will be there to get projects back up and running as soon as possible.

Flooding along roadways is making delivery of relief supplies difficult.
This house, like many others, was partially buried by a mudslide.
A woman looks for traces of her family in Butaleja district.

Gardens like this one were submerged and destroyed by the flood.
A woman is overcome after discovering the body of her missing relative in Mabono in the Bulambuli district.

Information provided by Dan Bazira, communication coordinator for Heifer Uganda


Austin Bailey

Austin Bailey is a writer and editor for Heifer's World Ark magazine.