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In May 2009, Heifer officially launched a project in the small community of Jiumai Village in China. There were 80 project families involved and four Self-Help Groups (SHG) were established.

The project's secretary, Dang Que, inspired and motivated by the training he received from Heifer, took the lead in organizing a variety of public activities, which played important roles in the community's development.

Dang Que visited everywhere in the village and recorded villagers’ true demands. Then, he made a five-year-plan based upon the actual situations.

With plan in hand Dang organized other farmers to reclaim the land, plant forage grass and forest and develop cow-breeding to help improve the village's economy, villagers’ income level and their living standards. Dang was also the first to try to plant 1,000 poplar trees, which all survived. Such accomplishment provided huge incentives as well as confidenceto the entire community. After getting the approval from the Forest Bureau, he organized other villagers to reclaim 400 Mu, or about 66 acres (1 acre = 6.07 Mu) of land, to plant 280 poplar trees of which nearly 70 percent survived.

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Under Dang's leadership, villagers’ annual average income increased from 1000 yuan, or $155, in 2008 to 2800 yuan, or $435, in 2010.

Inspired by Heifer's training, Dang Que helped transform the community and economy of Jiumai Village.

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