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Ewaldy Estil started working for Heifer Haiti in June 2000, and he is currently the north regional project coordinator for the country program. His talents don't end there, though-- he also sings and writes songs as a member of a band called Happiness.

One of the band's songs uses music as a medium to share Ewaldy's passion for Heifer and Passing on the Gift. The song is titled, appropriately, "Passing on the Gift," and you can enjoy it below, along with some photos of Passing on the Gift ceremonies in Haiti.

Here's what Ewaldy said about why he wrote the song:

"I was thinking about putting the 12 Cornerstones in a song, but that was a big project. This song is a testimony of my love for the first cornerstone, Passing on the Gift. Since I started working with Heifer, the POG concept has been a passion of mine. POG creates a chain of solidarity. As the resources multiply, the chain will never break. The project will never end, and we create hope. As a mulatto Haitian said, 'Espwa Fe Viv (Hope makes life).'"


Jason Woods

Jason Woods is from Stillwater, Oklahoma, and has worked for the Americas Area Program of Heifer International since 2010. He has a master’s in cultural geography and a bachelor’s in news-editorial journalism. His passion for Heifer’s work started as a teenager, when he spent a weekend at Heifer Ranch’s Global Village in Perryville, Arkansas.