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Yes, Christmas and Hanukkah are just past us, but it's not too late to give a gift for Kwanzaa or to relatives who you may be visiting later during the holiday break. 
Great news! You can still give to Heifer. 
Just part of what you'll see when you use Heifer's new app.
Even if your shopping is done, keep Heifer in mind for any other special occasions coming up in the new year. And if you're ever unsure of how explain how meaningful a gift of a goat, chicks or bees can be, we can help you with that, too. 
This year Heifer has launched a new interactive experience for anyone who's considering giving a Heifer gift, or who may not know what the benefits a Heifer gift can bring to struggling families. With just a few clicks, Sarah "the professional goat", will tell you all about how Heifer animals transform the lives of our beneficiaries. It's a fun way to learn about serious global issues like hunger and poverty. 
Sarah will even help you discover which animal gift you want to give. So, the next time you want to give to Heifer, but aren't exactly sure which animal you want, try using our new app. 
It's available at or just click here.


Annie Bergman

Annie Bergman is a Global Communications Manager and helps plan, assign and develop content for the nonprofit’s website, magazine and blog. Bergman has interviewed survivors of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, beekeepers in Honduras, women’s groups in India and war widows in Kosovo, among many others in her six years at Heifer.