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Give the gift of livestock and training to another family today

Tamta Gogoladze, an 8-year-old girl, lives in the village of Khashmi, the Kakheti region of Georgia. She shares the house with her father and mother, a 90-year-old grandmother and two adult brothers. The main activity of the family is selling piglets, but they provide just enough money for buying medication for their aged grandmother and covering utilities expenses, and minimal needs of the family's daily life. In spite of the diligent work and joint efforts of the family, purchasing a cow, a long time dream, seemed unfulfilled and impossible to realize.

Tamta Gogoladze of Georgia

With the gift of a heifer the situation of the family has radically changed. They maintain a stable high-calorie diet. Sometimes the family sells the surplus of the milk and cheese at the market, which adds additional income. This money is used for buying school books for Tamta.

Tamta has excitedly shared with us her happiness when she received her lovely heifer. "It was the happiest day of my life. It was Saturday; I woke up alone in the room," recalls Tamta. "There was no one in the house except my grandmother; everyone disappeared somewhere. In the afternoon when I was playing with my friends in the yard, I suddenly heard my father's voice calling desperately for me: 'Tamta, Tamta, come here, quickly! I have a gift for you!!!' I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a beautiful cow entering our backyard and submissively following my parents. She had big sad eyes and a huge stomach. For several minutes I was frozen. My father asked: 'Why are you motionless? Are you ok? Quickly, follow me! She is tired, as she traveled a long way to reach our house. We should feed, water and look after her, fast!' Later on, when I came to my senses, my father explained it was a gift of American people, who want me to be happy. He said those generous people gave a heifer, especially to me, to have a lot of milk and be healthy."

"From that day on my life has changed, it became much more interesting and joyous. I named my cow Potola and started to take care of her eagerly. Now I also have a lovely calf, named Tskvito. I help my mother to look after Potola and her baby. I feed and water them, and stroke and pat them. One week ago, I started to milk Potola by myself! We are very friendly and love each other. Potola is the greatest cow in the world. She gives a lot of milk, and I have my favorite yogurt every day. Sometimes I wash Tskvito and play with her. I have to take care of Tskvito carefully because in two years, I will pass it on to my friend, Tamuna, who lives in the nearby house."

"Thank you very much for the best gift in my life!" 

Tamta, Georgia