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I received an e-mail from the World Health Organization announcing its first-ever report on neglected tropical diseases, to occur Oct. 14 in Geneva, Switzerland. From the e-mail:
“There are 149 countries and territories where neglected tropical diseases are endemic, at least 100 of which are endemic for 2 or more, and 30 countries that are endemic for 6 or more.
“Once widely dispersed, many neglected tropical diseases are now concentrated in poor remote rural areas and also in urban slums and conflict zones. They cause blindness, disability, deformities or otherwise maim those who are affected.
“Other neglected diseases such as dengue and rabies are widespread and their geographical range is continuously increasing as the infection spreads to new areas.
“They are seen as promoters of poverty which weaken impoverished populations, frustrate the achievement of the health-related Millennium Development Goals and impede global development outcomes.”
Stay tuned to Heifer blog for more. The day’s events are to be live-streamed by the WHO, and the full report will be available on Oct. 14.


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