Gift Different. Give Heifer.

Got enough stuff? For your next special occasion, change a life. A gift to Heifer will help families around the world end hunger and poverty.

How the Heifer Registry Works

Create Your Registry

Create and customize your own registry webpage with pictures, set your goals, and share stories about your occasion.

Notify Friends and Family

Heifer Registry provides all the tools you need to communicate via e-mail and social media to tell friends and family about your event.

Send Thank You Emails

Acknowledging gifts becomes a snap with your Registry headquarters. View the list of those who have given and send out "thank you" emails.

Registry Ideas

We've assembled a few ideas to spark your personal movement to end hunger and poverty:

Fundraising ideas for Weddings


Already have enough toasters, picture frames, and blenders? Ask for the gift that keeps on giving. Have your family and friends contribute to your wedding by donating animals to families in need.

Fundraising ideas for Birthdays


Use Heifer Registry to help make birthdays more meaningful. In lieu of presents, ask for Heifer gifts. You can also raise money for your favorite celebrity’s birthday.

Fundraising ideas for Faith Communities

Holidays and Special Occasions

Any occasion throughout the year is a perfect time to end hunger and poverty. Use life's celebrations to make the world a better place.

Fundraising ideas for Memorials


Provide a legacy for your loved ones to be remembered in a unique way while supporting a great cause. Set up a webpage to honor your loved ones in lieu of traditional gifts.