Delta Farmers in Vietnam

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Heifer in Vietnam

The value families place on livestock embodies their hopes for security. In addition to milk, the animals provide manure to enrich the soil that produces the squash, tomatoes, lettuce and other vegetables a malnourished family needs to survive. In additon, Passing On the Gift unites communities in a 'value chain' of common purpose, and continues a cycle of self-help commitment that defines Heifer project families.

  • Heifer in Vietnam since 1987 
  • Scope: 6,800 smallholder farmers and their families
  • Participants receive beef cattle, poultry, microloans to enhance integrated farming practices, resources to build animal barns, and training to better cultivate and market rice crops

Create Brighter Futures in a Fertile Delta

The Mekong Delta, Vietnam's agricultural hub, is home to one million vulnerable farmers. Their ability to earn a secure living is hampered by widespread illiteracy, outmoded agricultural practices and growing salt water contamination of rice paddies.

You can help families overcome these hurdles and achieve lasting prosperity by supporting Heifer's work today. Our project in Vietnam, which includes four Mekong Delta provinces, provides families with poultry, beef cattle and cash crop seeds so they can produce a healthy, reliable food supply on their land while growing enough to sell at market.

We're also training farmers to better manage crops, land and egg-laying poultry, and to adopt farming practices like organic fertilizing, composting and creating clean-burning biogas by converting animal waste.

Building solidarity through self-help groups has energized families to believe in themselves and the benefits of their own hard work.