Women Artisans in Peru

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Heifer in Peru

Julia Monroy Rojas' children chose to leave the Andean way of life behind. "They told me, 'We don't want to stay and eat alpaca bones,'" she says.

Your gift turns hard work and unique skills into durable prosperity that encourages a promising future. Support Heifer's "Income Generation for Women Artisans in Peru" project. 

  • Heifer in Peru since 1963 
  • Scope: 890 craftswomen
  • Participants receive veterinary medicine kits, greenhouses, cookstoves, vegetable seeds, marketing support, and training in business management and Heifer's 12 Cornerstones

Help Women Artisans Weave a High Altitude Future

Few climates are as harsh as the one shaping the destiny of Julia Monroy Rojas of Lacco, Peru.

One of the indigenous Quechan who have long inhabited the Andes, Julia's skilled hands — and the warm clothes, blankets and other goods she makes from alpaca and sheep fiber — are her people's best hope for a secure future. 

You can help more women like Julia adjust to the economic and climate changes that make it increasingly difficult for families to survive here. Your gift will support Heifer's work with groups like local craft cooperatives to help members learn the fair market value for their creations; connect directly to buyers so they don't lose income to middlemen; and adopt clear standards for yarn, dyes and designs to secure their status as the world's premier alpaca artisans.

You'll also help train farmers to produce more eggs, fish and green vegetables for family diets, and more fodder for the wooly alpacas and other animals that help them achieve sustainability.