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Heifer in Malawi

Our work here focuses on sustainable agricultural production, natural resource management, nutrition and market development. There is also an emphasis on using farming technologies to promote sustainability, and empowering farmers to deal with the challenges of climate change and natural disasters.

  • Heifer in Malawi since 1998
  • Scope: 14,000 families
  • Participants focus on increased dairy productivity and are trained on animal healthcare and husbandry practices to ensure good animal management and increased milk yields

See Your Gift More Than Doubled for Families in Malawi

Malawi is currently experiencing what the United Nations has called the worst drought in southern Africa in 35 years. The drought follows unprecedented flooding in January of 2015. Combined, these conditions have devastated the country’s harvests and left nearly 40 percent of Malawi’s population — as many as 6.5 million people — in need of emergency assistance.

That's why we need your urgent help to help Heifer families endure this crisis. Your gift will help:

  • Promote climate-smart agriculture
  • Teach farmers vital water-harvesting techniques
  • Build Resilience to the effects of climate change

Right now, every dollar you give will be matched by a $1.25 gift from a generous donor. So every single dollar you give turns into $2.25 for families facing this terrible drought; a $10 gift becomes $22.50, $50 becomes $112.50, $100 becomes $225, and so on. That means your gift is making more than double the impact.

The farming calendar of 2015-2016 was the worst of all... most families in this area do not have food to last them until the next growing season. But my family has because we used manure from our animal which has even increased our annual maize yield...Chrissy Charles, Heifer Participant

Although Heifer International is not a relief organization, we promote activities that increase farmers' resilience to a changing climate, including conservation agriculture, forest management, appropriate irrigation and the use of sustainable, efficient energy sources.

Your support enables that work to continue. Heifer's projects in Malawi are at a high risk of being affected by the drought. When you give, you're supplying farm families with the training and tools they need to be able to adapt to climate change and build sustainable livelihoods.

Don't wait; see your gift MORE than doubled for Heifer families in Malawi today.

Donations made on this page will be matched up to $731,188. Donation made after that goal is met will not be matched. All donations will go to support Heifer International's work in Malawi.

Theresa Banda holds a goat in front of her family
Families like Theresa Banda and her children are being affected by climate change. Your support can help give them the tools they need to become resilient in the face of drought, floods and other challenges.