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Heifer in Haiti

Better goats, stronger cows, healthier chickens and quality pigs are the foundation of our program to help rural Haitians lift themselves out of poverty. With continued commitment, Haiti will soon produce enough meat, dairy, eggs and produce to become a major exporter. When that happens, its economy and families will be on the fast track to recovery. 

  • Heifer in Haiti since 1999 
  • Scope: 12,000 rural families in 36 communities
  • Participants receive access to breeding centers for improved animal management, and training to become community animal health workers

Spark New Hope for People

After the 2010 earthquake destroyed much of Haiti's physical infrastructure, it was clear that the country's weak farming, livestock and food systems were failing to meet even basic nutritional needs. As a result, Haiti is forced to import, at great cost, more than half the food its people need to survive.

In 36 communities, your support will help Heifer turn these conditions around — and our strategies are already showing results. 

We're increasing household income and strengthening livestock by opening animal breeding centers to produce high-quality cattle, goats, swine and poultry. We're also training Community Animal Health Workers to care for those animals and make sure their populations continue to grow and improve. We are also planting trees and developing microenterprises around cheese, milk and other products to improve family diets and income.

Your support today will give more families an opportunity to build a brighter future for themselves and their country.