Improving INCOME in Cambodia

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Heifer in Cambodia

One of our long-term goals is to help Cambodian families build a sustainable livestock industry that meets all of their health, nutrition and economic needs. Your support will make that possible. 

  • Heifer in Cambodia since 1984 
  • Scope: 20,000 families
  • Participants receive pigs, chickens, vegetables seeds, animal health services, village banking, irrigation systems, biogas stoves, and Farmer Field Schools

Deliver These Little Piggies Straight to the Bank

Doung Sokhon, a seamstress, and her husband Sork Sin, a motorcycle mechanic, earn about $7.50 a month. With two children, Doung says it isn't enough. "We have no land for farming," she says. "We do not have enough food to eat."

But it's only a matter of time and hard work before things change for the better. A Heifer project will soon provide their family with pigs, vegetable seeds and other material that — when matched with their work ethic and the fertile soil of their home — will transform their lives and future. 

Your contribution today will provide the same opportunity to more families that will participate in Heifer's Cambodia project by 2017. Organized into 250 self-help groups, they'll have member-supported village banks, specially-trained veterinary workers to keep their livestock healthy and breeding, and a steady supply of nutritious vegetables, fruits and animal products to sustain their good health with enough left over for income.