Empower Women in Nepal

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Our goal through this fundraising effort is to match the $3 million raised by our generous supporters this fiscal year for our Nepal projects.

Give a Gift with Twice the Impact

This holiday season you can double the impact of your gift to a Heifer International project in Nepal that will help poor farmers through gifts of livestock and training.

A group of generous donors has donated $3 million. Our challenge is to raise an additional $3 million needed to help fund this project. We urgently need your support to help us match their donation.

This project focuses on empowering women through livestock ownership and small business development to ensure they have a voice. With your help, women who are now facing extreme gender discrimination will be trained to transform themselves into powerful small-scale farmers and businesswomen.

Act now to double the impact of your gift. Your $120 will provide not one goat, but two, along with resources and training. 

This Gift Provides: