Gift of a Goat

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Your gift of $10, combined with 11 other shares can provide a goat to someone in need.

Goats Help Families Feed Themselves

On small farms, goats are often the key to a family's survival. Give a goat to a family in need. Along with training and education in its care, each goat gift donation:

  • Provides milk, cheese and butter for nourishment
  • Boosts income through sales of extra milk and wool
  • Encourages better crop yields by creating fertilizer and clearing land

Goats are known for providing delicious milk, which can be used to create cheese that can be sold for income, in turn providing a family's children the opportunity to go to school. Goat milk is more easily digestible, and one animal can produce up to four gallons a day. Goats are ideal for zero grazing, which means very little land is needed to raise them. Their natural curiosity and intelligence also makes them great pets for families with children.

This Gift Provides: