Gift of a Camel

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Your gift of $85, combined with 9 other shares can provide a camel to someone in need.

Camels Provide Transportation and Income

In parts of the world too dry for other livestock, Heifer is providing families with camels and training in their care. Camel gift donations change lives by:

  • Providing milk that can be used for nutrition or sold for income
  • Boosting income by “hiring out” the camel for hauling goods
  • Encouraging self-reliance by serving as a means of transportation

Camels are tremendous assets for families in harsh, unpredictable regions such as the African Sahara and parts of Asia. People who receive the gift of a camel find themselves better able to sustain their families while earning a better future for their children. Become a part of the solution by donating a camel today.

This Gift Provides: