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Men pour milk into a cooler at a dairy cooperative in Zavii, Ukraine.
Men pour milk into a cooler at a dairy cooperative in Zavii, Ukraine.

Cooling Centers

Improve Access to Healthier Milk

Heifer equips farmers with the tools needed to take excess milk and turn it into a legitimate business. Cooling centers, or chilling plants, bring dairy farmers together, where they can learn from each other and provide increased milk quality. These plants also help the environment and increase sustainability by reducing the amount of wasted milk. 

We help small dairy farmers by establishing cooperatives that provide them with resources, such as milk containers to keep out dirt and refrigeration to keep it fresher longer. To ensure the farmers deliver quality milk that fetches competitive rates, these cooperatives train farmers on the basics of milk hygiene, handling and milking techniques to reduce contamination.

During the East Africa Dairy Development project, for instance, milk collection centers and chilling facilities hold milk for pickup by commercial dairy processors and traders. This allows them better market opportunities and has improved their income by millions of dollars. And in the Ukraine, Heifer partnered with Danone to build chilling centers to improve milk quality, which gave small farmers leverage to negotiate better contracts and get a fair value for their product.

By using technology efficiently, dairy farmers are able to fetch a higher price for their milk while expanding their distribution network. This in turn allows them to not only become more self-sufficient, but also contribute to the local economy and help their communities grow.

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