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Eveles Clemance inspects her garden in Kaphadyani village, Malawi.
Eveles Clemance inspects her garden in Kaphadyani village, Malawi.

Improving Nutrition and Health

Ensuring that people of the world have enough to eat is Heifer International's primary mission. But to permanently solve the problems of hunger and proverty requires more than just handing out food. That is why we take a comprehensive, holistic approach that provides livestock and training to help families feed themselves.

Overcoming the Challenges of Hunger

  • 20% of people in many countries don't have enough to eat
  • 2.5 billion people lack adequate sanitation
  • 1.5 million children could be saved by access to good hygiene and safe water

Every five seconds, a child dies from causes related to hunger and poverty. At least 100 million children risk death from diseases because they don't get enough essential vitamins and minerals in their diet.

Imagine if we turned those statistics around. What might the world look like if every child had enough to eat? What if every man, woman, child and family had the opportunity to be in control of their future?

Heifer works to eradicate child hunger, increasing nutrition and health in a number of ways.

Heifer in Action

Samvel and Anahit Hakobyan live in the village of Azatan in Armenia with eight other members of their family – four generations under one roof. With that many mouths to feed, their expenses became quite costly. All that changed with the arrival of Yeghso, a cow given by Heifer International. Now the family receives three gallons of fresh milk daily, and maintains a small farm of 30 hens  that produces tons of barley, wheat and vegetables – more than enough to keep their children and grandchildren fed.

  • Livestock and Crops. Training on animal well-being and farming techniques helps farmers increase production, resulting in more diverse foods that offer a variety of vitamins and minerals essential to healthy minds and bodies. Foods rich in iron and vitamin A — meats, eggs, fish, whole-grain bread and legumes — are then readily available for more people than ever before.
  • Clean Water. Water is a vital resource for life, yet 780 million people do not have access to clean water. Together with local partners, we bring deep-water wells and pumps to the projects and train our farmers to maintain the wells with local resources.
  • Improved Sanitation. From composting toilets to Tippy-Taps (a hand-washing solution in rural areas where there is no running water), Heifer provides farmers with the tools and knowledge to help keep them healthy. These simple solutions are helping decrease diseases.

Enough to Eat

Heifer International is committed to bringing the number of children who die from malnutrition down to zero and eradicating child hunger. By providing access to sanitation, safe water, protein, crops and good hygiene, we can transform hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity. Help us make sure no person goes hungry again.

The Walk For Water

Fatou Dione walks in oven-hot wind churning with dust to fetch water for her husband and four children. It's the dry season in her village of Diarrere in Senegal, and both water and food are running low. Video by Geoff Oliver Bugbee

For me, hunger and thirst are two sides of the same coin. We can’t not pay attention to it. Elizabeth Bintliff, Vice President of Africa Area Programs