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Staff load containers for the Danone Ukraine Direct Supply Chain Partnership.
Staff load containers for the Danone Ukraine Direct Supply Chain Partnership.

Increasing Income and Assets

An estimated 2.4 billion people live on less than $2 a day. A lack of jobs in rural areas has left many cities and communities suffering under crushing poverty and hopelessness.

Heifer in Action

Neither Baptista Mzukani nor his wife Belia made it past the seventh grade. But thanks to the two cows they received from Heifer International, their baby daughter Esnart will have access to a full education. The couple has started saving money for their daughter's tuition, and plan on having another child.

But Heifer International knows that job creation is the key to addressing a poor economy. We work to establish a shared connection between small farmers, creating a sense of shared responsibility.

Cooperative projects, such as the Danone Direct Supply Chain in Ukraine, are helping farm families take a step towards sustainability.

Danone Ukraine Direct Supply Chain Partnership 2010-2011

In 2011, Danone and Heifer International launched the Ukraine Milk Communities project to create agricultural cooperatives for families in the regions near Danone's production facility in Kherson. The objective of the cooperatives was to strengthen small-scale dairy production and quality. The results are proven: farmer income and living conditions improved within a year.

  • 20Cooperatives formed within a year
  • 45Farmers average per cooperative
  • 2,400Families took part
  • 25%Improvement in income stability

From Family Farm to Family Business

By linking community resources and encouraging small business, Heifer International has turned the tide of hunger and poverty for millions around the world.

Average gains in income:

  • $572 in Nepal
  • $1,456 in Uganda

With dedication, our hard work will unlock the path to prosperity for millions more. Your gift will allow a poor family to discover the potential for a better future. Help them take control of their lives.