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Abdalla Adam, 16, in Form 2 class at the Machui government school.
Abdalla Adam, 16, in Form 2 class at the Machui government school.

Enabling Education

Giving children everywhere an opportunity to fulfill their potential

The link between poverty and a lack of education is undeniable. An education means knowledge. Knowledge uncovers possibilities, and those possibilities can be transformed into jobs and income. And more income means less poverty.

For each year that a person of any age stays in school, the individual’s earnings can increase up to 10 percent. And, according to Interaction, the returns are even greater for educating girls, whose earnings can grow by 20 percent for each additional year.

What's more, we could create about a 12 percent drop in global poverty if everyone on Earth had basic reading skills. Knowledge really is power.  

What You Eat Affects How You Learn

Heifer International helps empower our farmers with education and trainings of their own so that they can ensure their children's nutritional needs are met and they can go to school.

I thought: where would the children be in the future if I don't help? Gabriela Philp Mushi, Kilimajaro

Since girls suffer most from gender discrimination and are less likely to start school, we also work toward creating gender justice in communities, ensuring families understand sending their girls to school is just as important as sending their boys.

Preventing malnutrition — through our strategies of providing livestock, clean water, improved sanitation, training and other inputs — can increase one's capacity to learn. This increases the likelihood that these children will grow up to be change makers in their communities. Your gift can set them on the path to a better future. Make a difference in these children's lives today.