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Our Impact

Fact: Changing Lives Changes the World

Children in Bangladesh
Surovi Mardi and Ria Mardi sit during a women's group meeting in Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

From sending a shipment of 17 young cows to Puerto Rico to building more rewarding futures for 22.6 million families, we've come a long way in transforming the world for the better. And we're only scaling up our impact.

With the knowledge that every individual has the potential to lead change by Passing on the Gift, we can only imagine how much more potential we can unlock—how many more futures we can build. We've accomplished a lot, but we won't stop until we've seen the end of world hunger and poverty for good.

Heifer International's work is an example of best practices in development. They bring generations together with community building, and help families build knowledge and resources for sustainable progress out of poverty. Ford Foundation

A Record of Success

Families in Heifer project communities see higher incomes, healthier livestock and better access to education. By working with generous donors and partners, our dream of eradicating world hunger and poverty is becoming a reality, and it shows in the results. Heifer International has set

  • 22.6 million families
  • 114.9 million men, women and children

on a path toward prosperity by giving them the tools and training they need to sustain their lives, but we're not done yet. Help end world hunger and poverty - become a part of the solution today.