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A Foundation of Trust

One of the Most Trusted Organizations in America

Trust is a critical element for any nonprofit organization. For Heifer International, the relationships we foster become the catalyst for transformation — and that change is what has helped more than 22.6 million families throughout Heifer's nearly 70-year history.

In 2010, Heifer International was ranked by Harris Interactive as one of the ten most trusted nonprofits in America. We are proud to work with the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children who share our vision of a world free from hunger and poverty.

The Power of "We"

Heifer recognizes the enormity of our mission: end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth. But together, we will make that mission a reality.

Passing on the Gift is the most important cornerstone and principle underlying Heifer International’s work. Caring can change the world. Passing on the Gift is a great way to show we care. Jim De Vries, Former VP of International Programs

Heifer's training and unique requirement that gifted families to pass on what has been given is, essentially, a transformation of the heart. In this way, we are earning the trust of the people we serve, by showing we care. You too can show that you care. Find out how.