In East Africa, Milk is Money

The East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) program is designed to boost the milk yields and incomes of small-scale farmers in Africa so they can lift their communities out of hunger and poverty. With help from a $25.5 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the second phase of EADD will work with more than 200,000 farmers to improve dairy production and access to markets over the next four years.

Building on the success and lessons learned in Phase I, the vision for EADD II is to provide an additional 136,000 smallholder farm families the opportunities to create financial independence and social equality. Together with our program partners, we are changing the nutritional landscape in East Africa, one family, one community at a time.

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State of the African Farmer

The State of the African Farmer report has been produced as a contribution to the great debate on agriculture and food security in Africa. It is a compilation of views and voices of farmers, practitioners, policymakers and academics across Africa and beyond, each speaking from the heart and sharing their experience.

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The Approach

In its first five years, EADD provided extensive training on dairy husbandry, business practices and operation, and marketing of dairy products to the 179,000 farming families in the program. Heifer and its partners also developed 27 milk collection hubs, strengthened 10 existing hubs, and formed 68 farmer business associations to manage the plants.

Since then, EADD has grown to be one of the leading market-oriented development initiatives in eastern Africa.

Our Goals for Phase II

  • Farmers - EADD will increase dairy production and improve net income for farmers. The primary target is to increase daily household milk production and at least a 100 percent increase in income by 2018.
  • Hubs - All EADD hubs are on a path to sustainability in terms of cash flow, governance, leadership and technical capacity. Hubs will increase performance and eventually be self-sustaining.
  • Gender Equality - Heifer and its partners work to build awareness and capacity so women can take on active leadership roles, jump-start business opportunities and increase their household savings. Our goal is to see a 30 percent increase in women supplying milk.
  • Replication - Syndication of a successful hub approach in each of the EADD countries is possible. Success will be measured by adopting the hub approach by at least one other country and inclusion in relevant policy at the national level.
East Africa Dairy Development
Watch Elizabeth Bintliff, Vice President for Africa Programs, explain how EADD will help farmers.
A Cow Can Change Everything
See the stories of families whose lives have been transformed through EADD.
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We Need Your Help

Our work in East Africa cannot be completed without your help. Your support will give dairy farmers power over poverty.

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Our Impact

Since 2008, EADD has connected more than 203,778 small-scale farmers across Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya to a larger circle of institutions and services that give them the collective resources and necessary infrastructure to earn a living raising cows and selling milk. This, in turn, allows them to educate their children, access healthcare and invest in their businesses. EADD partnered with 81 dairy producer organizations built around milk bulking and chilling for their members. As a result of collective efforts, farmers raised a total net worth of $10 million through their organizations.

The regions where we work are seeing positive strides, such as access to credit and bank accounts, women taking more leadership roles in their communities and more involvement from younger participants. By the end of the initial five-year period, the project was responsible for:

  • $131 million earned in milk sales by farmers
  • 356 million liters (94 million gallons) of milk sold
  • $11 million saved by farmers by 2013

Contact EADD

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Learn More About Our Partners

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