Zynga Poker and Heifer International

Zynga poker

Zynga.org has teamed up with Heifer International to make the world a better place through games. Starting September 19, 2016, Zynga Poker players can turn on the “Helping Hands” feature to contribute 15% of their chip winnings toward this campaign. If the group pot reaches the chip goal by October 2, 2016, Zynga will donate $50,000 to Heifer International. Now giving is as easy as playing the game!

Your generous donations through Zynga Poker will go towards furthering Heifer's mission to end hunger and poverty while caring for the earth. Heifer provides communities in developing nations with gifts of livestock, training on how to turn that livestock into a multiplying source of food and income, and education on sustainable and earth-friendly practices.

When their animals reproduce, our partners become donors by giving those baby animals to someone else who needs them. Here at Heifer, we call that Passing on the Gift®, and it is the ultimate expression of what we believe in.  Together we have power over hunger and poverty!


Learn about some other great ways you can get involved, like giving a Heifer gift in honor of a loved one, or sharing your own story on When Cows Fly. If you want to know what we're up to, sign up so that you never miss our latest news.

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The Helping Hands chip rake can be enabled or disabled at any time during the promotion by pressing the check button next to Chip Rake in the feature menu. Chip contributions are non-refundable and non-transferable regardless of goal match shortage or overage. All contributions are final. Zynga will donate $50,000 to Heifer International if the chip goal is met by 10/2/2016. The promotion is anticipated to run from 9/19/2016 until 10/2/2016. The overall status meter is updated whenever the app is refreshed.