From Poverty to Prosperity

Help us Change the World by Giving Women the Power to Change their Communities

When Leontina Giurgiu’s husband died, she was left struggling to feed their family. The odd jobs she took as a day laborer were not enough to put food on the table. That all changed when, on International Women’s Day in 2012, Leontina received the gift of a cow from Heifer International. She named the cow Ruji (which means “rose”) and began collecting milk to sell.

Now, Leontina is able to feed not only her children, but others as well. Thanks to Ruji and her offspring, Leontina is able to donate more than 300 liters of milk per year to a dairy that creates nutritious cheese and yogurt for a dozen orphanages in Romania. And this change all began with a gift from Heifer.

Before Heifer, I didn’t even have a coin in my hand. Now I can do anything I feel like… We no longer sleep with empty stomachs. Leontina Giurgiu, Romania

Your continued support will allow mothers like Leontina to receive livestock and training to generate steady income and provide food for their malnourished children. Your gift will help women and families become self-sufficient. And through programs like Women in Livestock Development (WiLD) and our Gender and Family Focus cornerstone, your donation will empower women around the world to turn the tide of hunger for not just their families, but their communities and even entire regions.

Your gift will give a woman the power to break the cycle of hunger and poverty and change her community. Please, help us transform the world by donating today.

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