It all starts with Training!

Project participants receive training at a group meeting in Zambia
Project participants receive training at a group meeting in Zambia

Helping impoverished communities become self-sustaining takes more than an animal, and only one organization works to that end—Heifer International.

We know that along with an animal must come training—in animal care and management, in how to maximize its productivity, and record keeping and marketing so your gift can launch a small business.

And because we also know that the approach with the biggest long term impact is one that is sustainable and holistic, many of our projects also include training in sharing and caring, nutrition and income, improving the environment, full participation and gender equity.

This training also ensures that your animal will be in good hands when it arrives and the recipient family will be able to fulfill their commitment to Pass on the Gift.

You might even say that training is how we protect your investment.

Proving Our Model Works

According to independent evaluators from Western Michigan University, who visited more than 139 Heifer projects in 20 countries and interviewed 5,000 Heifer program participants:

"In virtually every evaluation, the evaluators noted improvements in nutrition, agriculture, income, hope and opportunity, access to health care and medicine, livestock management. And mentioned in nearly every report was Heifer's signature, Passing on the Gift (POG) program."

Read the full report here.