Help a Family Launch a Small Business

Florence Chepkirui (right) used the income generated by her cow to open her own sweater shop.
Florence Chepkirui (right) used the income generated by her cow to open her own sweater shop.

Florence Chepkirui from Kenya has incredible determination.

You see, Florence is from a part of Kenya where there are very few opportunities to earn a living ... even fewer if – like Florence – you are blind and you are a woman.

Her situation began to change, however, when Florence and a group of 65 physically and visually impaired women from Saoset, Kenya, received 22 heifers from our generous supporters.

The women were amazed and grateful that strangers from halfway around the world would believe in them when no one in their own community would.

The gift included critical training to help them care for the livestock and to market their milk. The village soon discovered that despite the women's disabilities, Florence and her group were perfectly capable of feeding, milking and caring for cattle.

Before long, Florence's group teamed up with other groups in the community to form Sot Dairy Company Ltd., which runs a dairy hub with milk chilling facilities.

Florence says they have earned respect from the community and now have money to meet their daily needs and start saving. But she didn't stop there. Instead, she reinvested her earnings in herself and opened a successful sweater shop.

While Florence's story is remarkable, it is not unique. In villages all around the world, hardworking people like Florence are turning the gifts of livestock and training from Heifer supporters into small businesses that bring about very big changes.

All they need is someone to say "I believe in you!" Today, let that someone be you.

There are so many other people like Florence – who are hungry for an opportunity and urgently need your help. Please invest in their future by making the most generous donation to Heifer International that you can today.

How does a cow become a sweater?

Our goal is to end hunger. But not by just handing out food. Because while emergency food relief may see a family through a time of famine, we believe that the key to ending hunger is to give people the dignity of self- reliance.

That is why for more than 68 years, we've been providing families with livestock like cows and training they need to support themselves. A family with a cow has milk to drink every day. And they often have extra left over to sell for income that they can use for school, shelter and medicine.

Eventually, many people, like Florence, begin investing in themselves and launch small businesses. In this way, a cow becomes so much more than a cow. It becomes a means of achieving self-reliance and prosperity.

For our project participants, your gift of $25, $35, $50, $100 or even more can mean the difference between daily hunger and a new chance at life as an entrepreneur.

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