Change a Family's Life in 2014

Although Bangladesh is roughly the size of Iowa, it is home to the eighth-largest population in the world with approximately 162 million people.  More than 49 percent of the population lives on less than $1.25 per day, according to the Human Development Report of the United Nations.

Thanks to Heifer International donors like you, Molina Begum (2nd from left in photo) received goats and training in their care. Before long, she was able to increase her daily wage from $0.47 per day to approximately $11 daily and secure a brighter future for her family. According to Molina, now the entire village is better thanks to this project.

 “There are still some people like I was before joining.  I think this project is needed to help those people,” said Molina. 

Please give today to help more Heifer International mothers, like Molina, bring dignity and promise to their villages in 2014.

Change a Family’s Life in 2014