Start a New Tradition This Year

In a small village in Malawi, Zenaida's heart broke every day as she watched her children starve. She desperately wanted goats to provide nutritious milk and income, but couldn't afford to buy one.

Thanks to Heifer donors like you, Zenaida received goats and training in their care. Now there is food on her family's table, a better roof over their heads and the opportunity to get an education and work for a better life. With the gift of goats, Zenaida also received the hope and dignity to provide for her family, and the promise of a better future.

But the story doesn't end there. Zenaida practices Passing On the Gift by sharing with and caring for other project families. She has established a tradition of giving, and it's that spirit of generosity that is lifting her family and community out of hunger and poverty.

Sharing a Heifer gift means helping people like Zenaida bring hope to their families this year. Start a tradition of giving today, and fulfill the promise of a better tomorrow.

Promise of a Healthy Life