Seeds of Change in Arkansas and Appalachia

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Project Goals

  • Increase sustainable agricultural production by Delta and Appalachia farmers
  • Develop food enterprises from the farm to the table that benefit all players in the food value chain
  • Encourage community self-reliance by meeting demand for locally grown food
  • Improve nutrition through increased access to healthy food
  • Conserve natural resources for long-term agricultural growth

Make a Difference in Your Own Backyard

A campaign to build resilient local economies and end poverty through the extraordinary potential of locally produced food

Heifer's Seeds of Change project focuses on two of the most impoverished areas of the United States — Appalachia, five counties in North Carolina and Tennessee, and the Arkansas Delta. 

Project Profile

Though Appalachia and the Delta Region are rich with natural resources, the areas have long struggled with poverty. One in four Arkansans and one in three children in Appalachia struggle with hunger. Many families don't know where their next meal is coming from, and unemployment rates in those regions are double the national average.

How We're Helping

Heifer is combining its 70 years of experience in community development to create programming that addresses the core issues affecting economic despair in the Arkansas Delta and Appalachia regions. We are investing in entrepreneurs, businesses, co-operatives, coalitions and all components of a fresh food value-chain to transform the way people and communities produce, sell and eat their food to create new, vibrant food systems.

Our farmers are improving local economies, increasing local food production, feeding schools and families and igniting change throughout entire communities. And like every Heifer project, the Seeds of Change program is driven by local need, local farmers, local innovation and local leadership.

Neighbors in Need: Heifer's Work in the United States

By supporting Heifer's work in the United States, together we can transform the lives of our neighbors in need.

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