REACH: Rural Entrepreneurs for Agricultural Cooperation in Haiti

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Helping Haiti REACH a Better Future

Project Goals

  • Create work opportunities for youth, encouraging them to reverse aging farm population
  • Start family-run breeding centers for livestock
  • Improve food production and soil systems, which will help farmers increase output
  • Train Haitian farmers in disaster preparedness in order to identify risks and safeguard their animals
  • Protect the environment by using techniques like zero grazing and using animals complementary to the crops

Heifer International's Rural Entrepreneurs for Agricultural Cooperation in Haiti (REACH) program is taking on the daunting task of breaking the crushing cycle of unemployment and poor resource management in one of the poorest nations in the world.

Project Profile

Though more than half of Haiti's population works in agriculture, the country relies on imports for half of its food needs and most of its energy resources. The environment poses a particular challenge for growers: much of the land's once-rich soil has been stripped thanks to deforestation, leaving much of the land infertile. The region is also prone to natural disasters. The floods, earthquakes and hurricanes over the past 15 years have left the land and its people devastated.

How We're Helping

Heifer's REACH program is offering hope by strengthening the livelihood of those who depend on livestock. REACH will build up four livestock subsectors — goats, cattle, poultry and pigs — and use integrated farming to improve production and strengthen links with buyers. 

Through Passing on the Gift, REACH will help more than 100,000 people – the largest animal project of its kind in Haiti's history. This is a significant scaling up of Heifer's traditional work, but we will help even more people help themselves, and speed the end of hunger and poverty.