Nepal - Goats Give Back Project

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Project Goals

  • Organize farm institutions with an enhanced capacity for livestock and resource management
  • Increase meat and milk productivity through improved technologies
  • Reduce live goat imports by 30 percent and milk imports by 10 percent by 2016
  • Establish mutual trust and alliances among cooperatives, community groups and traders
  • Enhance animal and goat productivity by training Community Animal Health Workers

Goats Spark Growth in Nepal

The Goats Give Back project in Nepal aims to provide food security, proper nutrition and self-sufficiency. It will also ensure small farmers' participation in the national food market.

Project Profile

Many people in the village of Kabilash in central Nepal rely on goats to obtain milk to feed their families. Up to now, they lacked the knowledge to feed and care for them properly. This, combined with limited connections to other markets, had locked them in a state of poverty.

Empowering Women Farmers in Nepal 

How We're Helping

The Goats Give Back project provides the key to solving these problems. Heifer is encouraging improved health practices for the goats maintained by farm families. We are training Community Animal Health Workers to take better care of the goats, which will boost milk production and allow families to rely less on imported resources.

Heifer Nepal is also forming self-help groups, primary co-ops and district unions, mobilizing them through a framework of mutual trust. This creates a sustainable values-based network that allows communities to grow together.

Now I know it all depends on your own hard work... We have planted varieties of fodder and forage to feed the goats and improve their productivity. My small effort has helped my family have a better life. Manamaya Nepali, Gorkha District

Goats Give Back in Nepal