East Africa Dairy Development Phase II

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Project Goals

  • Increase dairy production in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and improve market access for small farmers
  • Mobilize communities and build social capital by including women and youth in targeted training
  • Facilitate a network of 21 profitable milk hubs that offer extension and business services to draw small farmers into the commercial sector
  • Strengthen relationships with industry actors, and support them to create and enforce industry standards

Building Stronger Communities

The East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) project is transforming entire regions by starting at the family level. For Phase II of the initiative, Heifer International is partnering with cooperatives in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to link small dairy producers with the equipment, customers, marketing strategies and training they need to grow their businesses and strengthen their communities.

Project Profile

For years, many small farmers in the region haven't known if or when they could sell their milk, or for what price. They've also lacked the technology, training and market access to grow their businesses. Without a strong infrastructure, there was no reliable system for selling, preserving or collecting milk. Without a healthy market, there was no income, which meant people had little to no access to basic needs like food or shelter, let alone education or health care.

How We're Helping

Since 2008, EADD has connected more than 203,778 small farmers across Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya to a larger circle of institutions and services that give them the collective resources and necessary infrastructure to earn a living raising cows and selling milk. This, in turn, allows them to educate their children, access healthcare and invest in their businesses.

The next phase of the EADD program will allow even more farm families to ensure their own health and growth. The change will be felt in future generations as children learn by the example of their parents as successful entrepreneurs. Now people are making their own decisions, growing their businesses and taking ownership of their communities.

East Africa Dairy Development