Armenia - Small Farmer Project

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Building a Path to Prosperity

Project Goals

  • Construct watering systems to improve pastures and maximize production
  • Assist in infrastructure development, such as building roads and installing electricity
  • Encourage investment in agricultural business by creating cooperatives
  • Increase livestock productivity by 30 percent

The Armenia Small Farmer project is designed to help small farmers increase the markets they can reach, which goes a long way toward financial stability for many families. Heifer Armenia is also working with community leaders to build better roads and provide access to water and electricity for rural farmers.

Project Profile

Small farm families in rural Armenia face a lot of hardships. Many places don't have reliable sources of energy to power the machines they rely on for their livelihood. A lack of efficient irrigation systems has left pastures barren. Broken roads and a crumbling infrastructure make it difficult to sell what limited goods they have.

How We're Helping

Heifer Armenia has found a way to help small farmers combat these issues. Since the project's beginnings in 2011, cooperatives have received 57 units of farming equipment such as tractors, balers and cutting machines. This equipment is used to preserve fodder in the winter and create a feed base for the spring. And 36 communities have created water systems or have them under construction. These systems will allow productivity to expand, which will in turn improve the quality of life for these farm families.

Heifer Armenia
The Armenia Small Farmer Project is helping families take better care of their livestock.

Thanks to Heifer's work, villages in which the infrastructure has been completed have seen a 25 percent increase in milk production. Farmers are also receiving training on proper pasture management, which will allow them to expand and diversify their crops.

The Armenia Small Farmer Project has entered 49 of the 55 target communities and established 33 cooperatives, with another 22 being planned. It's a step in the right direction, but we need your support to finish the job. Join with us to fight hunger and poverty in Armenia.