Disaster Rehabilitation Fund

In Case of Emergency, We're Here to Help

Every year disasters — earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, mudslides — devastate the environment and communities around the globe. Those affected are often set back years and the struggle to rebuild their lives exceeds their capacity.


Though we cannot predict where the next disaster will strike, our Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) training helps families prepare for the worst.


  • to secure livestock and feed
  • to harvest crops for food
  • to secure water and firewood
  • to identify evacuation centers
  • to safeguard important papers, education materials and cash

While we are not a relief organization, we have a responsibility to our families to get them back on their feet and ready to rebuild for the long term. Mother Nature can lash out anywhere at any time. That's why we also have our Disaster Rehabilitation Fund.

Disaster position statement

Mudslides triggered by heavy rain affected communities in eastern Uganda.
Mudslides triggered by heavy rain affected communities in eastern Uganda.

Heifer International works with vulnerable communities in disaster-prone areas. We help at-risk communities prepare for and mitigate the potential impact of disasters.

While not a disaster relief agency, in the event of a major disaster that exceeds a project community’s capacity to respond, Heifer partners with relief and recovery agencies and first-responders on the ground to support the efforts in communities where we work, with a focus on livestock and agricultural systems rehabilitation.

Our role is to provide short-term provisional support—food, water and transportation—with an emphasis on helping Heifer project participants.

And, because so many project communities are located in areas sensitive to climatic events, we raise money for our disaster rehabilitation fund all year round.

Large-scale fundraising will only be considered when there is a significant geographic impact or when a large number of Heifer communities or families are impacted.