Heifer's Disaster Rehabilitation Fund

Heifer Communities in Ecuador Rebuilding in Wake of 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake

Heifer's immediate relief efforts in Ecuador are focused on providing families impacted by the massive quake with basic needs such as shelter, water and food. Heifer will work to rebuild irrigation systems, crop processing units, and safe structures–such as the aggregation center for the cocoa cooperative–to preserve crops and protect livelihoods.

Map showing location of earthquake in Ecuador
The epicenter of the April 16, 2016 earthquake was about 16 miles from Muisne — an area where Heifer has worked with farmers to restore the mangroves and preserve local sustainable aquaculture (fishing) practices.

Media reports indicate that 400 people have died as a result of the earthqake, with more than 2,500 people injured. Based on initial assessments, Heifer staff and project participants in Ecuador are reported to be safe. However, Heifer works with approximately 1,200 participant families in the areas impacted by the earthquake near Muisne and Fortaleza del Valle. These people are in need of resources and assistance to protect their livelihoods.

Your donation will make a major impact in the lives of the families that need assistance. Help Ecuador and other Heifer communities in need recover from natural disasters. Heifer’s disaster rehabilitation fund empowers communities to transition from meeting basic needs to more self-sufficient practices like livestock husbandry, planting and harvesting crops and rebuilding infrastructure and livelihoods.

The latest news and information from Ecuador on Heifer's relief and recovery efforts can be found here on our World Ark Blog.