RESOLVE To Make Change

RESOLVE To Make Change

Give Where Needed Most

"I've Never Seen Anything As Selfless"

Emmy Award winning actress Uzo Aduba got an in-depth look at Heifer’s projects with farmers in Uganda. During her trip, Aduba witnessed the impact of Heifer’s work when she met with farmers, participated in a Passing on the Gift® ceremony and helped process milk at a community-owned dairy center.

"The visit to Uganda and my meeting with farmers was emotional, thought-provoking and inspirational," said Aduba. "The farmers I met are like all of us — they have families to care for, they have dreams of a better life and most important, they have the resolve to make change."

Aduba met with numerous farmers, particularly in the villages of Luweero and Mukono, where she saw Heifer’s model in action. She met farmers just beginning their work with Heifer and who are struggling to survive on limited resources. She also met farmers who’ve been working with Heifer for years and proudly showed their successes through stables of livestock, extensive fruit and vegetable gardens, their children’s education and biogas powered stoves.

"I experienced many special moments throughout my visit, but it was the Passing on the Gift ceremony that truly captured the uniqueness of Heifer International’s model," said Aduba. "I’ve never seen anything as selfless. You are watching a person that is still close to their recent poverty, but who faithfully fulfills their promise, and in turn, gives that other person a future. It’s something I didn’t expect and won’t ever forget," she said.

Actress Uzo Aduba visits Heifer Farmers in Uganda

Upon entering the village of Nsange, Aduba was greeted with native music and dancing in celebration of Heifer’s most important traditions, a Passing on the Gift ceremony.