INVEST In a Family's Success

INVEST In a Family's Success

Give Where Needed Most

Set a Positive Change in Motion

Tendai is nine years old. She lives in Zimbabwe. When she was a baby, her future looked like it would be plagued by extreme scarcity.

Her parents worked on other people’s land, seldom bringing home more than $2 a day. On good days, the family might eat twice. The lack of proper nutrition caused serious illness problems for Tendai and her siblings.

That all changed in February 2014 when Tendai’s family received a heifer. By November, the heifer had given birth to a bull, and has also been providing them with more than a half-gallon of milk per day. With the money they have from selling corn and vegetables, there is now enough food for the children to eat three meals a day.  The new income has allowed Tendai's family to pay for medicine, seeds, farm equipment and school fees. And late last year they exchanged their bull for a heifer so they could fulfill their promise to pass on the gift to a new family.

That’s the moment when your giving comes full circle — a family who was once struggling just to find enough food is now in a position to donate an animal to help others. And that is a powerful result of your support.

Heifer helps people in the world's poorest places and we can't do it without you. Help another child like Tendai achieve their full potential. Please, set in motion another transformation by making your next donation today.