EMPOWERWomen To Feed the World

EMPOWERWomen To Feed the World

Give Where Needed Most

Grow your gift into a lifetime of opportunities for women farmers and their families.

Juvy Hesita lives in the Philippines with her two daughters and two of her grandchildren. For her, it was a heifer and training that became a foundation for her family’s future.

“When the cows came it was a challenge, but it also provided us with a lot of income,” said Juvy. “We can consume and sell milk. It has helped us provide nutrition for my grandchildren.”

Like so many women around the world, Juvy has used the profits from milk sales to become a small business owner. Her quail egg operation is just one example of how she is turning the gift of a heifer into the future for her children she could have only dreamed about just a short time ago.


Juvy wants to help other women in her community, and she is an excellent example for them to follow. Not just because of her hard work and experience, but also because of the values that she holds dear. “I have the opportunity to pass on my cows to another family in need,” she said.

She is also putting her Heifer leadership training to good use. She is now the President of the San Vincente Barangay Women’s Association. It’s pretty incredible to see how far women like Juvy can go when freed to succeed.

We can help ensure that 150 million more hungry people around the world have access to the food they need by empowering more women. When given the same access to resources as men, women farmers can thrive and change their family’s futures.

That’s something Heifer has been doing for more than 70 years — designing projects that are geared toward helping women overcome gender discrimination and gain access to equal resources. And because of the giving of friends like you, we’ve proven how effective we can be in our fight against hunger and poverty.

You sow the seeds of change with every gift you make to Heifer. Then hardworking women like Juvy are able to grow your gift into a lifetime of opportunities. Please help us provide livestock and training to more women farmers today.