The Formula forA MIRACLE

The Formula forA MIRACLE

Give Where Needed Most

A Powerful Solution

The formula to lift children from poverty and malnutrition can sound so simple:

+ Nourish them with protein, vitamins and minerals, three times a day;
+ Sustain that healthy diet so their bodies and minds develop to full potential;
+ Ensure a lifetime of opportunity by giving them a good education.

A + B = C. But if it's that easy, why are so many of the world’s children trapped in a cycle of hunger, sickness and despair? And why are so many of their parents unable to promise a better future?

One answer: Because short-term fixes don’t work. What’s needed is transformation — the tools to turn a life around, in ways that permanently uplift families from hopelessness to lasting prosperity. What’s needed is Heifer International — and the caring support of people like you.

For more than 70 years, Heifer has partnered with families and communities worldwide to change the course of their lives. What began as a can-do race to get healthy milk to starving families after World War II has flourished into a powerful will-do enterprise based on fundamental values: not a cup, but a cow; not a bushel, but a garden; not a one-shot fix, but a long-term commitment.

Your gift will put our shared values to work for another family yearning for a chance to lift themselves up from poverty. The cows, goats, sheep, chicks and
other livestock you donate will help struggling families determined to turn their lives around. Each animal brings its own unique productivity, like milk, eggs, fiber or fertilizer. Heifer provides training, tools and projects that empower families to make those animals a springboard for steady progress in nutrition, education, entrepreneurialism, gender equality and more.

This animals plus vegetables equals miracles formula has proven its power again and again, in some of the world’s poorest communities. Today, you can set it in motion for one more impoverished family. Please give now.