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Gift of Honeybees

Join Mikaila of Me & The Bees Lemonade in Making a Difference

Can you imagine a world without honeybees? Imagine a world without yummy strawberries, tasty broccoli and delicious nuts and seeds. Not only do bees pollinate crops, but they also help pretty flowers grow. And yes, they make delicious honey.

Realizing early on the importance of honeybees to our day-to-day lives and future, Mikaila pledged to help save the bees by investing both her time and resources.

From the very start, Mikaila invested a portion of the profits from the sale of her lemonade to organizations fighting hard to save the honey bees. She also volunteers her time teaching youth and families on the importance of the honeybees and how to help save them.

Children in Honduras
A boy in Honduras shares a bit of honey with his sister.

Heifer International is dedicated to ending hunger and poverty by showing people all over the world how to use livestock and animals, including bees. One of the places Heifer works is Honduras, which is ideal for beekeeping; bees thrive on the beautiful landscape of blooming flowers and crops.

Thousands of families depend on the survival of the bees to make a living. Heifer is working to rebuild beekeeping and honey production, which benefits  families eager to for a way to feed themselves and their communities. Heifer provides thorough training in methods for keeping bees, mating the queens, safely boxing worker bees and drones, and harvesting honey, beeswax, pollen and other products that make beekeeping so viable.


With Me & the Bees’ donations, Heifer International provides the gift of honeybees to needy families around the world. A gift of bees includes a package of bees, the hive and box, plus training in beekeeping. Your donation of honeybees:

  • Boosts income through sales of honey, wax and pollen
  • Stimulates growth of the family’s crops through pollination
  • Increases production of fruits, vegetables and greens in a sustainable, eco-friendly way

Your support gives beekeeping families the opportunity to remain productive and self-sufficient. And, by donating, you're doing your part to help save the bees so they can keep producing delicious, nutritious, natural food. Please give the gift of honeybees today!