Every Family DeservesDignity

Every Family DeservesDignity

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Unleash the Power of Entrepreneurs

Tran Thi Thu Thuy in Vietnam lives on a very small farm with her husband, Nguyen Van Thuong, and daughter, Kim. For years, Thuy scraped out a living for her family as a day laborer, but was barely able to keep food on the table. Their situation was made even more challenging by the fact that Kim has Down Syndrome, and requires special care. Thuy knew she had to find a way to help her family make more income.

Tran Thi Thu Thuy and her daughter with the family's cow in Vietnam.
The cow Thuy received from Heifer has been the foundation for her daughter’s future.

Now, thanks to help from Heifer supporters like you, Thuy has built a productive farm to keep her family fed. But more than that, Heifer invested in Thuy's small sewing business, which not only generates income for her family (she earns five times as much as she did before Heifer); it also provides livelihoods for the members of her community whom she employs. Thuy taught 50 people how to sew in a four-month period — her way of Passing on the Gift®.

Thuy's story is a level of change that demonstrates Heifer's success in helping families achieve self-reliance. Not only have they reached a point where they have enough to eat, clothes to wear and money for school and medicine, they also have the ability to innovate and achieve dreams once thought impossible.

Your gifts of livestock and training empower people like Thuy to set their sights high. Through their own determination, hard work and stunning ingenuity, Heifer families are achieving dignified incomes and build thriving communities.

Please consider this larger impact when giving to Heifer. Your contribution — whether you provide chickens, cows, goats, or water buffalo — is not a handout. It's a way out. Thank you for making such powerful transformations possible.