Help families like theirs move out of desperation.

Help families like theirs move out of desperation.

Give Where Needed Most

The need is urgent. The solution is clear.

Though they have been farmers most of their lives, Noun Tait and her husband Ek Um make barely enough to feed their family of 11, including their grandchild and Noun's 82-year-old father. Food is scarce, employment is hard to come by and their children often get only one meal a day. In fact, seven-year-old Kamsath is so undernourished that she often has trouble concentrating in class. Noun worries that soon they won't be able to afford to send her to school. Illness is common, but there is little money to pay for medical expenses. The family also lost many of their chickens to disease because they didn't know how to care for them properly.

Um Kamsath, 7, and her sister Chanent, 13.
"I feel very happy when I hear their dreams," says Ek Um, father of Kamsath, 7, and Chanent, 13. "I want to support their dreams as much as possible."

Noun and Ek decided to join Heifer International's self-help groups in order to learn how to raise their livestock. Ek has built shelters to protect the chickens he has left, and is preparing receive pigs from Heifer this spring. Thanks to Heifer's help, the family is beginning to dream of a life free of desperation. Kamsath says she just wants to earn enough money to help support her mother.

These changes can't come soon enough for Kamsath's family. That is why we are acting with such urgency — 3.1 million innocent lives are lost every year simply because they didn't have enough to eat. We've already set 20.7 million families on the path to self-reliance, but we still have a very long way to go. All these families need are the opportunities to turn their circumstances around — opportunities like adequate food, shelter, clothing; oppotunites to learn and receive a proper education; to experience the dignity of self reliance and Pass On the Gift to other families. Opportunities you can give them right now.

Every time you donate, we are able to provide new families with livestock and training. Kamsath's family will be just one of thousands that will feel the direct impact of your generosity. The faster we can distribute pigs, cows, chickens and other livestock, the sooner they can start earning income and improve their living conditions.

Support the dreams of a family like Kamsath's today.