Give a Life-Changing Gift of Hope

"I am better equipped to look after myself, my children and everyone around me."

Rosa is a mother of three in Zambia, and like so many of the world’s women, she is fighting for the survival of her children

She grew corn, but never enough. She also worked as a laborer on other people’s farms in order to keep her family alive. Her became even more desperate after her husband passed away

“I used to have problems growing enough food for myself and the rest of the family,” Rosa said. “It became depressing for me and the children because without my husband, their father, we struggled to feed ourselves.” 


Life changed for Rosa and her children almost immediately. She now works for herself. With the help of her Heifer livestock, Rosa increased the amount of land her family can plant and diversified her income. In addition to corn, now she grows cow peas, sweet potatoes and groundnuts. Rosa also started making bricks to sell for extra money. By selling produce and her bricks, Rosa now earns enough to even save a little money and hopes to build a new home for her children soon

“This project has helped empower me as a woman.” Rosa said. “I am not suffering as I expected I would without my husband. Now, I am better equipped to look after myself, my children and everyone around me. These animals have brought me a lot of joy and relief. I am thankful to Heifer for this project.” 

Now that one of her heifers has given birth, she is looking forward to fulfilling her promise to Pass On the Gift and give offspring to help another hopeful family achieve self-reliance — the same empowerment Rosa gained because of a friend like you. 

It’s this position of strength and self-determination that we strive to help all ofthe world’s women achieve — and it’s through your generous support that women like Rosa transform their families’ futures. Please, donate now.